Sunday, August 11, 2013

One of Us is Back

                             Hello Blogosphere!!! Its me, Shannon and I am back!
After a healthy, stress-free 4 and a half months of reading just for me, I have decided to come back to blogging. I've missed it, but things will definitely be different now that I'm back. For starters, I will likely only be posting a couple times a week. I will post what I want, when I want. Blogging should always be fun, right? My goal is to make sure it stays that way. 

Other changes: I won't be requesting ARCs anymore. The YA books I review or discuss will be ones that are already out. I really want to highlight more under the radar and smaller pub books. As well as adult titles with crossover appeal. I'll still share my thoughts on popular titles of course, but it won't be my main focus. One thing that won't change; my reviews will stay spoiler free!
My sister and fellow blog partner Carrie, isn't sure she wants to come back. I hope she does but that is entirely up to her. When or even if she does, there will always be a place for her here.
I hope you're all excited about my return. I for one am feeling good about this decision. Come on now, do a happy dance with me.
doctor who dance photo: Dance tumblr_l9d6fb9J6n1qd7e2k.gif
Post more soon!


  1. Welcome back!!! Glad you have your groove back! <3

  2. Welcome back, Shannon!! Glad to hear you had a great blogging break and have a great new perspective on how you want to blog!! Blogging should definitely be fun for you, or why do it, right?

    Btw---I hope you're enjoying Of Beast and Beauty! I just finished it last night and I LOVED IT so much. :D

    1. A much needed break was in order and yes, fun is what's in order. Of Beast and Beauty is great so far.

  3. YAYYYY!!!!!! Welcome back!!! I'm excited! :)

  4. This is fantastic news. I'm interested to see the different types of books you are going to share - especially the adult titles. Glad that you're back!!

  5. YAY, welcome back, Shannon! I totally agree, you should only blog when you want to, and about whatever you want. Don't feel pressured into doing things someone else's way.

    I'm so happy you're back and in the blogging mood. I hope Carrie returns as well, because I miss her posts, but if not then I hope she has a great time reading without the stress :)

  6. Yay! I am glad you are back. And I am glad that the four+ months you took off were stress free and that you are now feeling renewed and excited. I often consider not review arcs and only books that are out and need more attention. Maybe some day I will get there because I think there is value in it. I look forward to reading your reviews and seeing what you come up with.

  7. I just found out about this! Welcome hoooome!...I mean, back? <3



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